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The project DISSONANT (CO) SPACES represents joint effort of three regional CSO's: Lokomotiva from Skopje, Foundation Jelena Santic from Belgrade and Loose Associations from Croatia.

It aims to contribute to the promotion of innovative solutions and possibilities for reforming privatised, derelict, abandoned or “in between” public spaces created within different socio-political and spatial paradigm, by exploring both what those spaces can denote today and their contribution to inclusion and civic participation through engaged arts and culture.

In Croatia these spaces are disputed and derelict, as well as in Macedonia while new are built to mark new “nation brand” identity, while in Serbia they have been used for political promotion. These spaces are the relics of the political economy of ex Yugoslavia, with social ideal as their generative core, no matter how naïve or immature those ideas can seem retrospectively. They are often the keepers of the collective memory, which has been radically reshaped in all three countries today: either by reinterpretation or erasure. This project is seen as a possibility to question and explore current processes of history and space- making and preserving some of the (past) common values and memory through developing new spaces for culture that will promote democracy, openness, solidarity and inclusion.

Our aspirations are towards reactivating and creating new spaces by producing effective cultural managerial models and socio-cultural and creative content, while preserving memory layers and developing discursive field in which they will be reflected. Through envisaged workshop, conference, art residences, study trip, artistic production, publication and promotional activities we would like to articulate following issues: what dissonant heritage means for broader public; which of the values of that heritage could be recognized as useful and important in larger socio-cultural and political context and how those spaces could be re-formed through cultural and artistic initiatives; research new/improved models of cultural institutions and managerial approaches; to introduce participation and usership as principles of deliberative democracy in management and their implementation in the (re) created public spaces and institutions in culture; promote democracy, openness, solidarity, participation, activism and inclusion as institutional values and principles related to the artistic content.

The project Dissonant Co(Spaces) is funded by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund BAC. BAC is supported by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). Also, project is supported by Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia.

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